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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Hello & Welcome!!

I never know how to start these first posts!! But mostly I wanted to say thankyou to everyone who took the time to say hello to us or comment on our outfits at the Vintage Bazaar today in Frome!! We had a thoroughly good time sorting through all the treasures!! We found a lovely 'new' dress for Martha Rose but there seems to be a distinct lack of 1940s boys clothing! Maybe they just wore them all out!!!! Other finds included some union jack bunting for the stall, and a vintage 'Daily Mail book of Christmas Recipes' which will definitely come in handy as Martha Rose has requested a 'Vintage Christmas' this year! I wonder if that means I can take her old toys and wrap them in newspaper for her???

We did get asked if the children would be interested in modelling in a new boutique catalogue *how exciting!* I shall have to follow that one up straight away!

We also got told of the Bath Vintage Fair tomorrow, being held at the pavillion 11am - 4pm, if you want to join us in some lovely vintage retail therapy?


  1. Hello Arthur, Lily, Freddie and Martha Rose
    I very much enjoyed seeing you at the Vintage Bazaar today where I had a stall in the foyer. It is wonderful to see such a stylish family embrace the vintage life. Do come along to our Vintage & Handmade Fair on December 3rd if you can. You will be in good company.
    Best wishes

  2. Thank you so much Michele, we had a fabulous time! We're off to the Bath Vintage Fair today so might see you there and I'll definitely add the V & H Fair to our diary! xx

  3. I just wanted to say you looked fantastic...I think it may of been Lizzie who took your photo on her phone, as it wasn't me, but thankyou for your kind email. I took up your offer and have put the photo of the four of you on my blog...Thank you!
    Sophie x

  4. Thanks Sophie, have just seen your post, looks great - i never seem to get any good shots of the actual things for sale, yours looked stunning , any tips??

    Sorry for the confusion! Too many new names and familiar faces I think maybe! xx

  5. Love your blog & thank you so much for bringing 40's style to our event! Lizzie