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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Bath Vintage Fair

Another Fair today! This time Judy's Vintage Fair at the Pavillion , Bath. Judy has been running these fairs since 2005 and now she is taking it on tour around the country!!!

With a second local fair in two days and the potential to run into the same people, we decided to vary the look from yesterday a little...

The actual fair was a pleasant surprise as we havent attended one of Judys before. The stalls were very well laid out with plenty of room for browsing - although the changing room was very crowded!!

There was a nice range of clothing although it seemed to be more mid century than 40s. Not much childrens stuff at all, but we took cards from the sellers who -'had lots more at home'!!! Luckily the childrens clothes they did bring included some green 40s shorts for Freddie (such a nice change from grey!) and a winter coat for Martha Rose - a welcome purchase which will be worn to the Watercress Lines Christmas Leave event!!!

Friends who came looking for furniture were slightly disappointed, but if you were looking for jwellery then the world was your oyster!!!

We really did enjoy it and ran out of money before time!!
No moe planned for Bath that I know of but they are in Bristol next Month...
19th Nov College Green, Bristol

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Hello & Welcome!!

I never know how to start these first posts!! But mostly I wanted to say thankyou to everyone who took the time to say hello to us or comment on our outfits at the Vintage Bazaar today in Frome!! We had a thoroughly good time sorting through all the treasures!! We found a lovely 'new' dress for Martha Rose but there seems to be a distinct lack of 1940s boys clothing! Maybe they just wore them all out!!!! Other finds included some union jack bunting for the stall, and a vintage 'Daily Mail book of Christmas Recipes' which will definitely come in handy as Martha Rose has requested a 'Vintage Christmas' this year! I wonder if that means I can take her old toys and wrap them in newspaper for her???

We did get asked if the children would be interested in modelling in a new boutique catalogue *how exciting!* I shall have to follow that one up straight away!

We also got told of the Bath Vintage Fair tomorrow, being held at the pavillion 11am - 4pm, if you want to join us in some lovely vintage retail therapy?